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Why undertake an International Artist Residency?

  • Focus exclusively on your art, away from the distractions and duties of daily life - the biggest gift from an Artist Residency is the space and time it provides

  • Develop and expand your art in an intensely creative and stimulating environment

  • Immerse yourself in a different country and culture

  • Challenge yourself by taking your art (and you) out of your comfort zone

  • Live and learn within a community of Artists from around the world

  • Be exposed to new ways of being and thinking

  • Combine your art and travel

  • Experience a once in a lifetime opportunity


Where is your dream residency?

Why I can help

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Through my own experiences, I have become a passionate advocate for the opportunities Artist Residencies can bring artists of all varieties. To date I have been successful in being selected for four International Artist Residencies. These include: European Ceramic Work Centre, The Netherlands (2008), Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Colorado USA (2012), Baer Art Center, Northern Iceland (2016) and Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan (2019).

I have been able to craft unique proposals and make my work stand out from the crowd, often through a highly competitive application process, involving hundreds of applicants each time. Of the four residencies I applied for I’ve been successful each time. These residencies have been extraordinary and diverse experiences that have profoundly impacted my art and myself.

I offer this program believing strongly that an International Artist Residency can have an immense impact on your life; as I’ve repeatedly experienced. I want to assist artists who dream of undertaking an International Artist Residency, are ready for it and have a unique artistic ‘voice,’ but may feel overwhelmed or discouraged by the application process -whether they’ve attempted an application in the past or not. I want to use my skills and knowledge, sharpened over many years, to save artists hours of procrastination, stress, and time. I want to work with artists to put forward an outstanding application that sets them apart from the crowd, dramatically increasing their chance of success.

What you will learn and receive in this program

  • How to pinpoint a residency that is right for you

  • How to break down the application process into manageable steps

  • How to ensure you give the residency host exactly what they want and ask for

  • How to write a straightforward and compelling proposal (including editing and proofing)

  • Critical image advice and selection

  • How to make your resumé work for you (including tips on how to develop it into the future)

  • How to pinpoint referees that will advocate for you and your art, how to make sure you get what you need from them

  • How to fund your residency - find out your options

  • How to find, pinpoint and apply for grants, advice on successful grant writing

  • A completed high-quality international artist residency application!

  • A fun and stress-free process

  • The skills to do this again and again

week 1: It's all about location!

Grab a cup of tea. In our first session together, we’ll discuss your dream International Artist Residencies, why these appeal to you, and how you personally and your work will benefit from this experience. We will delve into some of the juicy details to consider even before starting to apply (facilities, duration, costs, artist requirements, etc.) and how we can get past websites and the public face of the residency to find out more. By the end of this session you have chosen your ‘No.1’ International Artist Residency to apply for.

week 2: set up for success

This week I will help you break down your residency application into bite-sized manageable (and fun!) parts. We will discuss each element in detail (written proposal, images, resumé, etc.) noting all the specific requirements - the devil is in the detail. We will both get out our diaries and create a timeline for completion of the application, with mini-milestones for each part of the application. With some residencies receiving hundreds of applications it is essential to be pinpoint accurate. This session will set us up for success. 

Week 3: writing with clarity and distinction

In this session we will focus on one of the most important parts of the application, your written proposal (also referred to as a work plan, personal or artist statement, and could take the form of a question). We will identify the ideas, themes, and processes that make your work unique, and the key elements of your proposed project - what do you want to do and why. We will use our understanding of the residency to accurately pitch your project. I will guide you through creating clear, relevant and distinctive written content. I will revise, edit and proof the writing for you. We will work on the written proposal together over the next few weeks.

week 4: curating winning images

The other most important part of the application - images of your Art. In this session we will look at the images you may already have of your art and discuss them in terms of quality, relevance, cohesion and showcasing the very best of your work. I will provide advice on professional photography and if necessary, important tips for doing it yourself. We will help you curate your images that will effectively support and enhance your written proposal. I will help you troubleshoot any issues you may have with digital images, such as image size, resizing, and dpi, and we will create a spot-on image list. 

week 5: delivering exceptional support material

In this session we will work on your resumé, biography, letters of recommendation and other support material that may be required. Together we will assess your current resumé and make it shine. Using your resumé, I will help you craft a biography that distinguishes you as an impressive candidate, teaching you how to sell yourself, something we artists often shy away from. I will share my experiences on how to pinpoint ideal people to write letters of recommendation; people who are your biggest fans and who will advocate for you 100%. I will give you strategies on how to approach them and get them to write exactly what you need for your particularly residency.

week 6: raising the money

In our final session we will review your application ready for submission! We will go over the method of submission and I will assist where needed with navigating online application portals. We will determine how much money would be needed to undertake the residency and look at options including self-funding, crowd funding, fundraising, and grants. This session will focus on the potential of grants to assist with your project. I will take you through grant options including government sources, philanthropic, private, and others. I’ll help you pinpoint the best grant(s) for your project, suggesting strategies and tools for successful grant writing.

At the end of these 6 sessions you will have submitted a first-rate application to your dream international artist residency, giving yourself the best opportunity for success. You will have the tools and knowledge to do this repeatedly.



“My recent participation in The International Artist program with Amy Kennedy has been an extremely valuable and enjoyable experience for me. The program includes sessions on all of the aspects to consider when applying for an artists residency. Amy is extremely knowledgeable and supportive in her delivery of the program, and very generous in sharing relevant information from her own experiences.

Working with Amy has given me much greater confidence in my ability to produce a high quality artist in residence application and courage to apply for a grant to fund such a project. The sessions on artist statements and proposals I found to be particularly useful. I have always struggled to put my thoughts into words, often not giving the writing about my work enough attention. Through genuine and engaged discussions that prompted me to think more deeply about my practice, Amy has given me greater confidence in myself as an artist, and some useful strategies to assist me with writing about my work in a relevant and succinct manner. 

Although this program centres around the application process for an International Artist Residency, I believe it has much to offer any artist who is looking to improve their skills and bring greater professionalism to their ceramics practice. I feel much more positive and motivated about pursuing a range of opportunities that are available to me as an artist. It was such a great pleasure to work with Amy, I didn't want it to end!”

Julie Pennington, Ceramic Artist, Canberra, Australia


delivery of program

This program will be delivered via Skype one-on-one. Each session will go for approximately 1 hour, with some possibly lasting up to ninety minutes. This program can be run over 6 consecutive weeks or it can be scheduled over a longer period of time. All information listed in each session will be covered in the program, though sessions may vary slightly according to each artist’s needs and the requirements of their applications.

this program is for Artists who...

  • Are Visual Artists (including ceramicists, sculptors, glass artists, painters, drawers, illustrators, gold and silversmiths, printmakers, woodworkers, photographers, textile artists)

  • Are fully committed to their Art

  • Have some experience (though it doesn’t need to be a lot)

  • Have a unique artistic voice

this program is not for Artists who...

  • Are not committed to their art

  • Are beginners

  • Expect to be selected for a residency without completing a stand-out high-quality application

  • Are musicians, authors, poets, actors, or dancers. The application requirements for these types of residencies are different.

your investment

Regular Investment $997 AUD

Special Offer $597 AUD. If you register by 31 october 2019

Payment plans are available

Free consultation

To see if this program is for you, click on the blue button below or email to schedule a free phone or skype conversation.

Important Conditions

This program cannot guarantee success in being selected for an International Artist Residency. However, I will do all I can to put you in the best position possible for potential success. Payment is non-refundable.