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Reawaken Your Artistic Drive and Accelerate your creative potential

6-month customized mentoring program for ceramic artists

Why undertake Artist mentoring?

  • Reawaken your artistic drive and ambition

  • Accelerate the development of your art

  • Get consistent support and practical advice from an experienced and highly regarded Artist

  • Improve and fine-tune techniques to create distinctive, high quality work

  • Examine and expand the ideas and concepts of your work

  • Troubleshoot and resolve material and technical issues

  • Develop effective strategies for presenting your work to the public

  • Develop strategies to sell your work

  • Grow personally and professionally

  • Be challenged to push your work further! 


I am a passionate Ceramic Artist with over 18-years’ experience in the field. Since graduating from RMIT University with Bachelor of Fine Art (Ceramics) I have had a dynamic ceramics practice. I have been able to consistently develop and improve my work, to create a highly distinctive voice within the field of ceramics and beyond. I have taken opportunities to exhibit my work nationally and internationally and have gained rich experiences from three international artist residencies, working alongside Artists from around the world. I have been able to effectively present my artwork visually and in written contexts to attain significant grants and have articles published. Alongside my arts practice I have worked in areas of gallery and collections management, and education. Currently I am undertaking a Master of Arts Management, consistently gaining new knowledge that can be applied in the areas of working with galleries, curating, writing, online aspects and the entrepreneurial side of art. Through all these experiences I have gathered a wide skill-set to enable me to develop my art and the way it is presented to the public. I want to use these skills to help Artists reach their potential. I am a good listener and observer, and by nature am a nurturing and encouraging person. I also have a well-tuned critical eye and am interested in using this to challenge Artists to go beyond what they expect of themselves to develop and create exceptional and unique work within a productive and prosperous career.

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What you will learn and receive in this program

  • Regular and consistent access to an experienced and well-regarded Ceramic Artist

  • Open communication in an environment of confidentiality and trust

  • Technical and material support and advice

  • Supportive and honest critiques of your work

  • Skills to critically assess your practice and move it forward to create exceptional work

  • Practical advice on how to most effectively present your work to the public

  • Professional development advice around topics such as, applying for artist residencies and grants, writing and more

  • A complete written resource of all content covered in the program

  • Developed self-confidence and clear direction for a productive and successful career

Foundation Session

Artist assessment and your ‘big picture’!

(4-hour session in your studio)

In this foundation session I will join you in your studio to assess where you are currently at with your work and career and discuss your ‘big picture’ - your dreams. Through conversation (including lots of questions from me!) and showing me examples of your work, I will get a sense of the history of your work, its development and your interests. We will discuss and pinpoint what you may be finding challenging at this stage in your career and what areas you especially want to focus on during our time together. We will brainstorm potential avenues for the development and refinement of your work and opportunities for presenting it to the public. By the end of this session we will have a list of targeted goals for the next 6 months and a plan of how to achieve them. This session will give us clarity, direction, and will inform the upcoming sessions.

Session 1: Let’s get physical

In this session we will discuss and analyze the physical nature of your work - what forms have you been creating and what techniques are you employing. Surfaces, materials, firing methods and scale will be examined. This session may be used to troubleshoot any existing problems you have in these areas. Through conversation I will advise on adjustments or options that would be worth considering. We will identify what makes you and your work unique and explore how this can be heightened. This could include looking at other material options (possibly developing something new from a series of testing) or integrating/adapting other construction techniques.  We will discuss managing expectations and being open to what may come through this process. 

Session 2: Amplifying your concepts

What stimulates your work beyond the material? What are the ideas and concepts underpinning it? Is there a disconnect between your work and your concepts? In this session we will discuss the ideas that direct and influence your work. We will look at how you can use your concepts and ideas more vigorously to direct your work into new territory. I will coach you with strategies for conducting wider research into your areas of inquiry and recommend new areas that may resonate with you. We will see where your ideas sit within the field of contemporary ceramics and beyond. Does you work relate to the historical, contemporary issues, other cultures, the natural world? How can we advance your ideas so there is greater connection between your audience and your work? This session will give you clarity on your concepts and approaches to engage with it on a deeper level.  

Session 3: The Entrepreneurial Mindset Part #1

In this session we will discuss how you would like to present your work and yourself to the public. I will give you practical advice on how to consistently build your profile. This will include how to get high quality images of your work, how to build an active online presence and how to build relationships within the field. This could also include how to pinpoint opportunities with exhibitions, awards and competitions, and how to always put your very best foot forward! We will also discuss how to create an excellent portfolio of your work, how to target and approach galleries and how to price your work. We will go over the benefits of networking and speaking about your work to share it to wider audiences (don’t worry, this works for introverted people too, I am one!). Using my experiences, I will guide you through these areas, to eliminate overwhelm and stress and build your confidence.


Session 4: Where is your extreme?

Don’t get scared now! One of my strongest philosophies and beliefs in art is that working at the extremes makes for the most unique work. In this session I will take you through the steps and questions I have asked myself to work on the limits, and why this results in work that stands out from the crowd. This will include discussions around how you create your work, your concepts and how you present your work. We will also talk about the importance of self-questioning and critiquing your own work. We will examine several high-profile ceramic artists (or artists in other mediums) and dissect their work to see why they are so different. What attitudes, approaches, or techniques can we ‘borrow’ from them. This session will get you on track to creating work that is truly unique, high quality and garners recognition.

Session 5: The Entrepreneurial Mindset Part #2

Following on from Part 1 we will delve a little deeper into an area/s you would really like to work towards mastering or a special dream project you would like to undertake. This could include applying for an arts residency, pinpointing and applying for grants, writing about your work (pitching articles) or sourcing a writer and ideal publications. I will give you some practical tips for writing (pain-free!) with clarity and distinction and look over your current writing style. Alternatively, you may like to focus on exhibitions and selling your work to a wider audience. We will also take this time to ‘think outside the box’ and brainstorm ideas for presenting your work in innovative and unexpected ways. We will also consider other streams of income for your art.


Session 6: Reflection and your next steps

In our last in-person session we will reflect on our time together - your developments, successes and challenges, an acknowledgement of the work you have done. We will use this time to talk about mindset and using my experiences (successes and failures!) I will offer advice on how to keep your momentum, how to rally after disappointment and how to consistently keep building your career. I will give you a written resource of all the content we have covered in the program, for you to use as an ongoing reference. We will discuss your next steps, your priorities and create a new set of exciting and motivating goals for you to aim for. Time will be arranged for us to check in and keep an ongoing connection into the future.

delivery of the program

  • 1 x 4-hour foundation session (at your studio)

  • 6 x 1.5-hour in person sessions (3 sessions at your studio, 3 sessions at Amy’s studio)

  • 6 x 30 min check in sessions via Skype (discuss progress, ask questions)

  • Unlimited email with Amy

  • SOS phone or Skype calls (when you need help or a boost of confidence)

  • A complete written resource of all the content we have covered in the program

It is envisaged that you will be consistently working on your art during these 6 months. This doesn’t mean it has to be full time. But regular making, researching and action should be taken to make the most of this program. All information listed in each session will be covered in the program, sessions may vary slightly according to each Artists’ needs and their requirements.

This Program IS for Artists who….

  • Predominantly work in ceramics

  • Are willing to take responsibility and consistently take action

  • Are committed to their Art

  • Are open to honest feedback and are willing to be challenged in a supportive environment

This Program is NOT for Artists who….

  • Are not committed to their art

  • Are not willing to take action or responsibility

  • Are complete beginners

your investment

Regular Investment $1,997

Special 2019 Offer $1200 If you register by 30 September 2019.

2 spaces available.

Payment plans are available

Free consultation: To see if this program is for you, register for a free 30-minute phone or skype consultation.

Important Conditions: Payment is non-refundable.